Peasmarsh Festival on the radar of David Hare in The Observer

Sunday 6 September 2015


The Peasmarsh Chamber Music Festival has been listed in the playwright and screenwriter David Hare’s cultural highlights:

Peasmarsh, in late June, is a magical festival. You rub your eyes. Anthony Marwood is playing the violin and he’s only three feet away. From the first chord hit by the pianist Aleksandar Madžar in the Church of St Peter and St Paul you could tell that everything this year – Stravinsky, Beethoven, Haydn – was going to be good. The amazing Tchaikovsky piano trio was even better than the picnic in the graveyard at dusk. We have friends who let us stay with them in Playden, just north of Rye, and we woke to sunlight in that gentle, idyllic part of Sussex, which I barely visited when I was growing up beside the cold pebbled shore of Bexhill, only 15 miles away.

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